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Information on Legal Document of Japan

If you have an asset in Japan, it should be better that you prepare a WILL. Otherwise, after your death, your family members need to take complicated process to inherit your asset.

So you can look for this page about a WILL, Testament, Yuigon of Japan.

If you purchased an vehicles from Japan and paid money though, you can not receive products from seller, you will try to file law suit against seller. In that case, you can find some information in this page. How to file law suit by yourself in Japan ?

If your business was suffered from covid-19, you will be able to apply for some kinds of subsidy. If you are renting an office space, shop space and need subsidy to pay it, you can refer to this page.
Subsidy for rental fee of office space in Japan “2020”

If you are operating a business in Japan and affected by covid-19 (coronavirus) , you may be able to receive subsidy (Benefits).

You can find detailed information in this page. “”Subsidy, Benefit relating to Covid-19 (2022)“”

 Many persons in Japan are suffered from pandemic of corona virus and they need Government’s help. So Government of Japan has decided to distribute 100,000 yen to all residents of Japan. So you can look at this page.
How to receive cash payment (Subsidy) of 100,000 yen from government of Japan 【Covid-19】

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