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Starting Hotel Business in Japan

In order to start hotel business, Airbnb business in Japan, you need to acquire Hotel business license or other kind of permit.

How to start Hotel Business / AirBnb Business in Japan ?

Fortunately some persons are interested in sightseeing in Japan. You may have experience of working in a hotel in Japan. Or you might hope to work in rural area of Japan. 

Or You might hope to obtain status of residence by purchasing a real estate in Japan.

Even if you purchase a residential real estate and rent it out and receive monthly rental fee, it should be very hard to obtain status of residence in Japan.

However if you purchase a hotel or inn and operate a hotel business, you may be able to obtain status of residence in Japan and can live in Japan.

In order to start a hotel business in Japan, hotel license is necessary and a lot of regulations should be applied.

Basically you can not obtain hotel license at residential apartment and need to conduct some renovation work.

If you hope to avoid such process, you can select Minpaku registration. Minpaku means small scale accommodation business business.

Let’s assume you are renting an apartment and there is a vacant room in the apartment. In that case you may be able to accommodate customers to vacant room and receive accommodation fee.

Or if you rent or own a detached house in Japan, it may be easier compared to residential apartment to operate Minpaku business there. 

As for details, you can look at this page. “Hotel Business at Detached house”.

In the case you purchase a detached house in popular area (like Kyoto, Niseko, ) and start an Minpaku business in Japan, you may be able to obtain status of residence of business manger, investor visa of Japan.

 If you want to compare between hotel business and Ordinary Real estate Renting Out Business, you can find this page

When you look at “Blog” in this website, there are a lot of posts. If you do not want to spend time to read through these posts, you can contact me and order whole process.

If you have not found suitable real estate to purchase, I will contact real estate broker on your behalf and he/she will look for it. Then, I will incorporate a company for you. And you will obtain hotel license by company’s name and you will apply for business manager visa.

When you look for your employees in Japan, I will look for it with you.

Other than articles mentioned above, you can find many articles. You can find them in “Blog about Japanese Law and Tax” or you can search it in this website.