Tax of Japan for individuals

How to avoid payment of unnecessary tax of Japan ?  You should know about tax of Japan sufficiently !

In pages below, information on tax of Japan is explained as easy as possible.

As for corporation tax etc., you can go to this page

If you hire a tax accountant, he/she will charge you about 50,000 ~ 100,000 yen every year. If you hope to save such cost, you can read through pages in these page. And learning tax system will be good for you to manage your business in Japan.

When you submit tax return (Kakutei Shinkoku = 確定申告), you can make tax filing paper and send it to tax office by post.

However in the case you submit it via internet, you can apply for deduction of taxable income and reduce tax of Japan.

So, you may want to know ➡ How to submit tax return by internet ? .

If you resign from job and receive retirement income, you can apply for retirement income deduction.
In the case of retirement income, amount of tax can be lower compared to ordinary monthly salary.
How to apply for retirement income deduction ?

If you are starting a side business, you hope to know amount of income tax of Japan in advance.
So you can refer to this page.
➡ Side business and tax of Japan

If you are operating a business as a self-employee or engaging in real estate investment, you need to make accounts book. By making accounting book, you can reduce amount of tax of Japan. So you can look at this page.

➡ In this page, you can know how to make accounting book without hiring a tax accountant.

If you are staying in Japan for short period (meaning “Non-resident), you do not need to pay income tax that is not related to domestic source.
So, you may want to know difference between resident and Non-resident for tax purpose.
➡ What is resident and non-resident for tax purpose ?

If you are working in Japan and supporting your family (even if they are not living in Japan), you can apply for some kinds of income deduction and reduce amount of tax of Japan. So could you look at this page kindly ?
➡ Deduction for Spouse, Dependent, family member and Tax of Japan.

You may receive donation or inherit properties in and outside Japan.
So, you may want to know about Inheritance tax and Gift tax of Japan

To the contrary, you may donate some money to NPO in Japan. In that case depending on situation, you can apply for Income tax deduction or Tax credit. Moreover if you apply for FurusatoNozei (Hometown Tax Payment), you will be able to receive refund of tax already withheld by employer. So you can refer to this page. “Donation Deduction of Japan

If you purchase your residence (Real Estate) with bank loan, you may apply for housing loan deduction ➡   Housing Loan Deduction based on the latest information as of February 2023.

If you hope to reduce amount of National health insurance tax owing to Corona Virus, you can refer to this page.
Reduction of National Health Insurance of Japan

If you are operating your business as a sole proprietor and hope to save amount of National Health Insurance Tax, you can refer to this page. “Saving Social Insurance Premium and Incorporation of company

Assumed that you have paid Pension Tax in Japan for several months or years and decided to leave Japan permanently.
In that case you will hope to apply for refund of Pension tax of Japan paid by you.
So you can look at this page “Refund of Pension Tax of Japan“.

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